4 Huge Benefits Of SIM Only Contracts

We're currently living in a technological world filled with contracts - tablet contracts, phone contracts, you name it. While the typical contract deal works great for many mobile phone users, and there are some great phone deals out there, some users find themselves stumped and feeling stuck in this world of contracts. They've tried pay-as-you-go and found the hassle not worth it. There is; however, another, better option.

SIM only contracts are hardly contracts at all. For those who find the idea of a traditional contract unsettling and pay-as-you-go plans too much of a pain, SIM only contracts may be exactly what they need. Here's why.

More Phone Flexibility

Perhaps you want a new phone along with your contract. Great! Get a new a phone complete with a SIM contract. Perhaps you don't want a new phone with your contract. This is also easy. Unlike many contracts which come with new phones, SIM only contracts can be applied to both new and old phones. But here's where things really get exciting. Unlike traditional contracts - which are generally bound to a specific phone - the right SIM only contract can be transferred from phone to phone at will, giving you added flexibility that you just can't get elsewhere.

Less Commitment

Possibly the most attractive feature of SIM only contracts is the low level of commitment required to maintain them. Unlike most contracts that bind their mobile users for up to three years despite their phone usage, SIM only contracts offer users an ability to break away from their contract as they see fit. After all, there's no need to be paying full price if you find yourself using less than half of your features. If your contract is too big, changing it is simple. If your last contract was too long, you won't have to worry about multi-year commitments from here on out, depending on the type of SIM only contract you opt for in the first place.

It's Practically Pay-As-You-Go

SIM only contracts often more closely resemble pay-as-you-go plans than traditional contracts. With roll overs occurring as frequently as on a month-to-month basis on some contracts, this type of contract has all of the benefits of pay-as-you-go without having to constantly monitor your cellular usage or buy and apply new phone cards all the time. If you like pay-as-you-go plans but don't like the hassle, SIM only contracts are definitely for you.

It Can Save You Money

It goes without saying that many of the above benefits translate to higher savings. But did you know that the average SIM only contract costs less than the average traditional contract over the course of a couple years? It's true. Because SIM contracts aren't merely a way to push new phones on potential buyers, they often come at a better price, saving hundreds of pounds in the long run.

Unless you like being bound by a contract for several years (and some people do and there's nothing wrong with that), a SIM only contract just makes more sense. It's frugal, flexible and gives mobile users a freedom which they haven't experienced in years. If you're sick of contracts and haven't considered going SIM only, maybe it's time you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers the best SIM only deals?

If you are satisfied with the phone that you currently own, it's time that you check out some of the SIM only deals or plans that are available online today. If you are looking at unlimited call time the best SIM only deal would be the one provided by Life Mobile.

With Life Mobile's Maxi plan you could get unlimited calling minutes along with unlimited texts with a fair amount of mobile data. What's more, they provide 4G mobile data as well and the Life Mobile SIM the only plan is available at only £14 a month. If you are looking for freebies along with your SIM only deal, why not try BT mobile. You can get access to FREE BT Sport with all of BT's SIM only plans via the BT Sports Lite app. The BT sports app is very useful in case you want to see a video and you do not have Wifi. The app provides a lot of data allowance and is suitable for those who like to browse the internet always. This deal by BT mobile is available at only £25 a month.

Three's 'all you can eat' data plan is perfect for all those who would like to browse the internet yet shell out a nominal amount for the service. With 200 minutes talk time and unlimited texts this plan comes at only £11.50 a month. If you would like to browse your favourite channels online, go for Vodafone's SIM only plan for just £22 a month. Vodafone offers a free 6 month subscription to a streaming app of your choice from Spotify, Now TV, or Sky Sports Mobile TV when you sign of to one of their SIM only contracts. You will also get a £50 worth of Amazon voucher with this deal.

If great coverage and fast internet available all over the UK are what you are looking at, EE SIM only plans should be perfect for you. EE has the largest, fastest network of any in the UK. You could choose the 8GB data plan along with unlimited calling minutes and text messages at just £19.99. If you are a student and looking for half price deals go for Talk Talk and Giff Gaff to get SIM only plans at £6.50 or even less. While Talk Talk SIM the only plan provides 1GB data with 400 minutes and unlimited texts at just £6.50, Giffgaff provided 500 data and unlimited minutes with 2GB data at just £12.

Why are iPhone SIM only more expensive?

A question that is pretty commonly asked these days is - Why are iPhone SIMs more expensive than SIMs of other phones such as Samsung, Sony or HTC?. However, an iPhone SIM the only contract may be expensive as some online websites may suggest, but they are not half as expensive as an iPhone handset contract will be.

For instance, if you enter into an iPhone contract with a mobile service provider, you may have to shell out a huge amount of money for the duration of the contract as opposed to buying the phone outright and entering into a SIM only iPhone contract.

However, avoiding an expensive bundle is totally in your hands. Even though mobile service providers might lure you to upgrade to a bundle with more mobile data and more calling minutes, it is for you to decide what tariff is best suited to your needs. For instance, statistics have shown that one rarely needs more than 2GB of mobile data to surf or download from the internet. It is best, therefore, to save your money to buy an iPhone right away and then go for a SIM only plan. Most electronic consumers these days go for a handset and SIM plan which proves three times the cost of the phone and the SIM plan tariff put together.

The best part about going on with a SIM only plan is that you can gain access to this contract without having to worry about credit check or forcefully getting into a handset contract with any company. If your contract phone is locked to a different network to the one offering the new deal that you which to take, you will need to have the phone unlocked. This involves contacting the provider that supplied it. Some providers may make a charge for this. SIM only deals offer the best tariff for a text message, calling minutes and mobile data usage bundle.

As most analysts say, if you want to go for a cheaper tariff and want to shell out less, the maths leans in favour of an outright phone purchase, bought to be used in conjunction with a SIM only contract. However, it is important to read up a bit on tariff plans and deals offered by different mobile service providers before zeroing in on a plan. With iPhones, it is often a good idea to buy the phone outright to be able to save on tariffs and the installation payments every month, which can often add up to 3 times the cost of the handset its self.