SIM only deals - Why Three beats them all

No roaming charges

When considering SIM only deals with Three, it only makes sense to take into account their entire package, because the finer details really do count. Most of us use our phones a lot while holidaying abroad - even when we like to think we don't. Who doesn't want to brag about where they are and who they're with and send those vacation snaps to friends back home? There's also the real need to be able to make contact in emergency situations. Their 'Feel at home' campaign does exactly what it says on the tin. Three acknowledges the unfairness of charging extra fees, and in a way directly challenges other networks by assuming a 'no roaming fee' policy.

No extra charge for 4G phones

When thinking about getting a SIM only deal, bear this in mind: 4G is in and here to stay. While other companies want you to pay extra, Three are determined to bring it to you at no extra cost. All you need is a 4G device, whatever necessary software and of course it goes without saying, you must live in an area where 4G is already available. Being 4G savvy is a smart move on Three's behalf. Their network has grown from strength to strength, especially in the last five years and they currently cover 98% of the UK population. Not only that, you can get a SIM only deal for free if you intend to hold onto your current phone.

Reliable network

SIM only deals with Three are definitely worth considering because of their network reliability. Despite a bad reputation for coverage, YouGov clearly states otherwise. Three put heavy emphasis on their customer care policies and have worked hard to improve all areas of service. They earned a top rating for texts, calls and data five consecutive times in a row. The YouGov poll holds a lot of weight because it's information compiled directly from regular smartphone users. According to their honest feedback, Three comes out on top in the reliability department, and a reliable network is every customer's dream. Another plus for SIM only customers with Three: you don't have to change your number either. Once you sign up, you'll automatically avail of all their other freebie features.

Pace of Technology

To provide an example, the iPhone 4, released in 2010, had the longest stint as Apple's flagship iPhone model so far, but even it remained the flagship model for just 15 months. This means that someone buying the iPhone 4 on release day, on a two year contract, would eventually face a nine month wait to own the latest model again.

Cheapest pay-as-you-go rates

If all that isn't enough to convince you that Three are the way to go, try their competitive rates on for size. They claim to have the UK's lowest ever rates; 3p per minute on calls, 2p texts and 1p mb. That really is an incentive to go for a SIM only deal. They don't push you to opt for bundles, add-ons or extra features. They even do a Trio SIM card which is a kind of one-card-fits-all feature. It will work in any unlocked 3G or 4G phone as well. Pay-as-you-go SIM cards cost a mere £1 in a retail store but if you top-up beforehand you won't even have to pay that.